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Since the container shear’s market launch in the year 2001 over 100 shears of the CNS 320K and CNS 400K models have got into operation across Europe. Some customers already own several container shears that they run parallel to each other.

Here are some statements made by customers in German speaking areas:

Detlef Meyer, managing director of Alba Metall GmbH, Berlin-Hoppegarten, Germany,
owner of a CNS 400K since August 2005:

"Before deciding to buy the ZDAS container shear we looked at several mobile scrap shears, including some of Italian manufacture. We then chose the container shear of type CNS 400K thanks to its sturdy design and good cost/performance ratio. We have now been using the container shear for 1 ½ years with a variety of scrap without any problems worth mentioning. We are very satisfied with the cutting performance of up to 1,200 t per month and with the container shear’s reliability. We can certainly recommend the container shear as we also have experience with stationary and semi-mobile shears from other manufacturers."

Roland Friedrich, site foreman at Paul Jost GmbH, Siegen branch, Germany,
owner of a CNS 400K since February 2006:

"For reasons of space and age we dismantled a 500 t stationary Becker shear a few years ago and in order to reduce the transport volume wanted to get ourselves a little mobile shear that we could move around the site, as well as use on other Jost Group locations. After doubting the productivity and reliability of a container shear at first we are now able to say that all our doubts have been swept away and we are now cutting far more metals, particularly aluminium profiles, than was originally planned, because we are able to market them on location. The purchase of the container shear redeemed itself within a few months."

Anton Eigl, managing director of Eigl Schrott, Ötztal Bahnhof, Austria
owner of a CNS 400K since August 2006:

"The container shear was the first processing unit we acquired with which we were able to cut all scrap, from light to medium-heavy scrap as well as containers and cast iron. We are very satisfied with the cutting capacity of 10 t/h and the great reliability and can only recommend it. We are already planning the purchase of a second container shear for a new location."

Marcel Nijs, managing director of Nijs M & J bvba, Riemst, Belgium
owner of a CNS 400K since October 2007

"We were looking for a mobile scrap shear in order to process the increasing amount of scrap we have in the relatively limited amount of space we have available. After some market research we found the container shear. We were offered the use of a demonstration machine for testing purposes. Since we doubted the shear’s performance at first we tested it for two weeks, but within a few days the compact and stable design and the cutting capacity had convinced us."

We will be happy to send you contact details on request so that you can form your own opinion of the container shear’s performance.

If you still aren’t convinced by the experiences of our customers we will be happy to place our demonstration unit at your disposal for a few days so that you can test it with your own scrapping work. This has never failed to convince a customer.

Further information can be found in our Brochures.